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Corporate Responsibility

As early-stage initiators of the mining of mineral resources it is important to carry forth responsible practices to ensure the sustainability of those resources. By demonstrating our commitment to responsible exploration and mining we hope to aid in promoting goodwill with the communities of those areas where we explore.

Specifically, all sampling, drilling, testing and analysis is to be conducted as per regulatory guidelines, in a careful and diligent manner using scientifically established practices to ensure representative and reliable results. Furthermore, all exploration work is conducted in a safe, professional manner with consciousness towards the surrounding environment and communities.

It is our understanding at Miranda Gold Corp. that sustainability - environmental, social and economic, is of the utmost importance in the perpetuation of the mining industry. For this reason we seek to meet all regulatory guidelines and partner with groups that conduct themselves with the same objectives.

All data is reviewed and verified by Company President & CEO Joe Hebert, P.Geo, BSc. Geology and Qualified Persons (QP) as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

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