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  Q  What sets Miranda Gold's exploration team apart from the rest?
  A  Over 35 years of combined Nevada-based mining exploration experience and involvement in over 50 million ounces of gold discoveries in the Carlin and Cortez Trends in Nevada. Ken Cunningham, the President and CEO of Miranda, has played key roles in two gold discoveries, one in the Battle Mountain Trend and one in the Carlin Trend. Joe Hebert, Miranda Gold's Vice President of Exploration, was part of the team that made the +8.5 million ounce Cortez Hills discovery and was directly responsible for the Goldrush discovery. Together they head up a team of very skilled, experienced, and talented Nevada-based geologists. This group of seasoned geologists have made discoveries in the past so they know and understand Carlin-type geology, a very important key to Miranda Gold's future success.

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